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There are the terms and conditions to use trolleyCASH

Terms & Conditions

By joining TrolleyCASH as a member you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Membership of TrolleyCASH

Only one account per person may be held at any time. You must be over 18 and a resident of the UK to open an TrolleyCASH account and receive Cashback.

2. Termination of membership

The company reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member at any time without notice or explanation, and the member will not be eligible to receive any Cashback or rewards that may have been earned or accrued. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to refuse membership to any person or persons at any time, without notice or explanation.

3. Cashback rewards

Members earn Cashback rewards only after having logged onto their account on the TrolleyCASH website and by either
- Purchasing items on Merchants' account
- Signing up for any services or offers made by Merchant.
We will make every effort to ensure Cashback offers are correctly illustrated.
It's important to note that all transactions you make are not with TrolleyCASH but with the individual retailers. Your Cashback account will be credited only when and if the retailer confirms your transaction. This can happen immediately, although our retailers usually process transactions when their returns policy date has expired.
If one of your purchases is cancelled, the company reserves the right to remove the cashback involved.

4. Dormant account

In the event that your TrolleyCASH account shows no transaction for a period exceeding 12 months then we reserve the right to terminate your account.

5. Payment

Cashback payments will be issued via cheque or bank transfer, providing your account balance exceeds £10 in cashback or £30 in cashback and bonus, and subject to the payment having been received from the respective retailers.

6. Privacy Policy

Non-registered users: TrolleyCASH does not collect information from non-registered users. We do not collect information from your browser in any way.
Registered members: When you register with TrolleyCASH, you will be asked to provide personal details such as your email and postal address. The information we collect is used in a number of ways:
- to send payment.
- to contact you regarding special offers.
- to provide accounting for the monies we have paid you through TrolleyCASH.
Sharing and Disclosing of information
TrolleyCASH does not share, sell or rent your email address, postal address or any other data we hold about you to any third party without prior consent from you. Any registered member may request to see their personal information stored on our servers by contacting us here (lien outlook:

TrolleyCASH uses cookies to check that all cashback earned from TrolleyCASH is credited to the correct member. Retailer sites featured on TrolleyCASH are subject to their own privacy policy.

Modification to this Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at anytime by posting a revised copy on the TrolleyCASH website.
This site is wholly owned by:
PLEBICOM, Registered in France, SIRET: 43381711100035
Postal address:
29 avenue Joannes Masset
69009 Lyon
> TrolleyCASH is registered under the French Data Protection CNIL. Registration No. n° 738626
Contact us by email by clicking here (lien outlook:

7. Limitations on our liability

Any decision made to purchase goods or services from a retailer on TrolleyCASH is the sole responsibility of the user. Users should read each individual retailer's terms and conditions before making a purchase.
Payments are made directly to the merchant and any issues regarding cancellations or refunds are between the user and the retailer. We accept no responsibility for disputes between users and retailers.
The amount of cashback paid by the retailer is subject to change at any time and TrolleyCASH cannot guarantee that the amount the member receives will always match that that is displayed. In most cases a higher percentage will be paid due to current retailer promotions.

8. Modification of terms & conditions

We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions held within this agreement at anytime by posting a revised agreement on the TrolleyCASH website.